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Rapeseed Wax





Rapeseed wax is most favorite wax for Vivacity to use for candle making. 


Rapeseed wax originates when rapeseed oil is harvested from the rapeseed plant.


Rapeseed is a member of family  Brassica (mustard or cabbage family), also known as oilseed rape is grown in the UK and Europe. It is used to produce animal feed, as a result of being a high-quality protein source. Rapeseed is supporting the bees population because of its high nectar. It is delightful to work with rapeseed wax as it follows Vivacity’s work philosophy. 


Rapeseed wax:

  • Is biodegradable
  • Has extended burn time
  • Provides fragrance retention
  • Has a lower carbon footprint 
  • Is harmless to wildlife