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Candle Colours and Their Meanings


WHITE COLOUR represents purity and power, and intensifies the impact of the other colours in the candle. It's gives the energy in its purest form, supports your inner forces and helps to successfully use experience. It wakes up the best what's in your heart.      

BLACK COLOUR is the strongest of protective colours. It addresses your responsibility  sense by bringing the light in the darkness - case of ignorance and misunderstandings. 

RED COLOUR represents love and health. It gives the energy, will power and helps in dangerous situations as well as stimulates your mind.    

PINK COLOUR represents love and success. it helps to forgive yourself and others by bringing the clarity and understanding of bothering or unclear issues.     

ORANGE COLOUR  represents joy and creativity. It promotes spirituality so it is really good for the meditation.        

YELLOW COLOUR in the candle is the colour of the fire. It helps to get rid of fears and bringing confidence, persuasion, peace and warmth.

GOLD COLOUR helps to start the meditation and understand your dreams.       

GREEN COLOUR  represents the growth, prosperity, fertility and development. It helps to balance your mind and body energies as well as stimulates self confidence. it can increase money and rejuvenation.            

BLUE COLOUR is spiritual colour. It helps to increase peace and tranquillity. Also very useful for the meditation to reach your subconsciousness.        

GREY AND SILVER COLOUR represents the clarity. It neutralizes  negative influences and delusions. It addresses your subconsciousness and encourages stability.       

BROWN COLOUR    helps to eliminate indecisiveness and develop perspicacity.

VIOLET AND PURPLE COLOUR increases spirituality, power, and enthusiasm. It helps to find inner peace and encourages spiritual development during the meditation.