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Silhouette of a grieving Soul

In August 2018, the husband of one of my wonderful friends died. They were like soulmates. People would say they were two parts of one soul. They certainly completed each other until the day he died.

With grief, she slowly sank into depression. Neither talks with friends nor reassurance from them would help.

As the conversations wouldn’t work, I decided to make a special candle for her.

My idea was to make a big shaped candle in black and white with golden details - to show her that life was still going on and that there is hope and virtue in it.

When I was making the candle, a bright white and black drawing was formed on the outside of the candle. This pattern was impressive and express an optimistic mood.

In the last moments of the process, something distracted me, and by the time I returned to the candle, the wax had already hardened. As the last layer of black wax fell into the mould, the hot wax flowed between the already hardening edge of the candle and the wall.

Oh my! - the lovely unique pattern that had inspired such optimistic feelings had disappeared.

I thought of all the work and effort... and now it was all gone.

I was shocked and extremely disappointed.

I left the candle inside the mould overnight. There was nothing good about it, and there was nothing else to look at.

I woke up in the morning without the mood or desire to do anything. But the candle had to be taken out of the mould. So I went to the workroom -without any inspiration at all - took the mould, turned it upside down, and then the candle slowly slipped into my arms.

Without any expectations, I carefully looked at the candle.

The black wax that had hardened over the outer edge of the candle had created a shape reminiscent of the silhouette of a grieving woman’s face.

Later she said that it was the reflection of her soul.