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A Candle's Life in Photos

Each pillar candle lives its own life.  Sometimes as we look at them, at their shape, unique pattern and sense the scent, they inspire us.
But it's only one side or part of candle's life.
The most crucial part starts when you light the candle.
When a candle starts slowly burning, it's drawing your attention gradually. The heat of the flame increasingly melts the wax near the wick. At this moment there is another story from the candle. It's a story that can never be repeated, you can only contemplate it.

In the beginning, your attention is drawn towards the golden or silver pieces dancing in the liquid wax.

Later, the liquid wax is streaming down the edge of the candle, creating its momentary, constantly changing patterns. The flame of the burning wick illuminates the inner colours of the candle, as if revealing the soul of the candle.